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Electrical transmissions

A free resource pack for Teachers to accompany the ‘Transmission Model’. The National Grid Transmission Model is a practical resource designed to support the teaching of electricity, transmission and distribution. It has been developed to help student’s understanding of electrical transmission and the importance and relevance of Physics in the modern world.

"There is an excellent experimental guide with the unit, providing a wide range of ideas … This is a superb resource and well worth the cost." Physics Education, September 2013

The resource includes a Guide to the National Grid Transmission Model and PowerPoint slide presentations with notes to support a range of teacher demonstrations. Aimed at ages 14-16, this resource supports the curriculum and can be adapted to suit younger/older students.

The National Grid Transmission Model (product code NAT GRID1) is available to purchase from Mindsets at

  1. A Guide to the National Grid Transmission Model.pdf
    1. Teachers’ notes about the presentations and practical demonstrations
      1. A1 Overview of the PowerPoint presentations.pdf
    1. Introducing the system: generation and transmission
      1. B1 How is electricity generated and transmitted.ppt
    1. A closer look at parts of the system
      1. C1 How does the coil work?.ppt
      2. C2 Generating Electricity.ppt
      3. C3 Connecting the generator to the load.ppt
      4. C4 How is the voltage changed.ppt
      5. C5 Step-up and step-down.ppt
    1. Maximising the efficiency of transmission
      1. D1 Transformers and power.ppt
      2. D2 Why are high voltages used for transmission?.ppt
    1. Making measurements of power
      1. E1 Power losses in transmission.ppt
    1. Electricity demand
      1. F1 Monitoring the National Grid frequency.ppt

Apps for students

National Grid has been involved with the development of a number of educational Apps for you to use, we hope that they will inform and inspire youngsters.  

This is a new activity for National Grid, please review them online and we would like to get your feedback on these apps, email

Apps to try

GridMania is all about keeping the energy flowing. You can build simple Grids or complex Grids. Will your Grid have the resilience.

GCSE Physics for Life, joining the dots between school and the world of work (AQA spec) (by impartIQ) Improve your understanding & results in Physics & see where the subject could take you, with our simple quiz & learn functionality, that makes grasping P1,2&3, Careers Ideas & Work Skills easy & fun oh & don’t forget the Role Models & Famous Physicists for inspiration to.

Rugged Rovers (by science museum) Design and test your own all-terrain space rover! Can it jump gaping canyons and cross treacherous boulder fields to travel the furthest and be today’s top rover?