Show me the Jobs

That’s what National Grid’s Education and Skills chief wants every teenager to be asking him

As far as Tony Moloney is concerned, society as a whole is to blame for the knowledge gap surrounding careers in engineering.

Within six years, engineering businesses will need to recruit an additional 1.86 million workers, a third of the current workforce in engineering enterprises. And it’s this shortfall that National Grid wants to address by sponsoring a number of key programmes to reach all age groups.

Tony said: “The shortage isn’t all down to teachers, pupils, parents or MPs. It’s up to all of us to push the STEM agenda. We need to collaborate and coordinate how we get the message into schools. I want young people to understand the context of STEM subjects and the many jobs that are open to them. I’d love them to be saying ‘show me the jobs’.”

He and many within National Grid believe schools that measure their success by how many pupils go to university need to realign their priorities. He added: “Engineering isn’t all about workbenches any more. It’s changing and is much more digital. Once you have the skills, the areas you can apply them to is huge.”